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What is UV Resin?

What is UV resin?

UV  resin is a one part adhesive that requires a UV (Ultraviolet) light source to cure.

UV resin is classified as HARD or SOFT. Hard UV resin is the most commonly used and widely available. It means that the UV resin will be hard when cured. Soft UV resin means that the cured resin will be soft and bendy.

Within the HARD UV resin category there are two different types available. These are THICK and THIN types. Thick and Thin refers to the consistency of the UV resin liquid out of the bottle.

Differences between our Thick and Thin resin?

THICK type UV resin has a thick consistency similar to a thick honey. This means that it is easier to control the placement and makes doming pieces easier. It also leaves a nice rounded domed shape.

THIN type UV resin is more of a watery consistency. This makes it great for using in moulds as the thin consistency allows it to move by itself easily and cover every part of the mould it is in. When used without any pigments, the thin type is more clear than the thick type.

Both of these types of thick and thin can be used for any application. You are not limited to only using thin type in moulds or thick type for doming. It is simply easier to use them in this way and you may find you have a preference for one or the other.

What UV light source should I use?

There are many types of UV light sources that can be used. Depending on which is used it could affect the way thay your UV resin cures and could cause tackiness to occur.

You can use: 

  • Sunlight - can be used depending on where you live. This may give mixed results on your resin pieces.

  • UV torch - can be great to use on small pieces, thin layers and hard to reach areas. They are commonly 3 Watts of power and is a good choice when first starting out.

  • Mini LED lamp - have more power than the UV torches and are about 6W. They are also a great choice for small pieces and good for just starting out.

  • UV and LED lamp - offer the highest UV power at about 36W or more. These lamps will give the best results and are larger sized which can cure multiple pieces at once.

How to use?

1. Collect and prepare necessary tools

 - Moulds or bezels

 - UV Resin

 - Additions (pigments, glitter, etc)

 - Resin mixing cups & Stir sticks and other tools

 - UV lamp or other light source

 - A work surface 

 - Safety gear ( Disposal gloves, Safety glasses, Respirator mask )

 - Cleaning tools ( Wipes, Tissues, Rubbish bin etc )

 - Well ventilated work area

2. Pour directly into chosen moulds/ bezels or you can pour into a separate cup to add pigments and glitter and then pour into your mould or bezel.

3. Pour thin layers and cure in between layers.

4. Once the resin has been completely cured, you can unmould right away.

* More tips and tricks information is available on our blog here.

Should I use Epoxy Resin or UV resin?

This will depend on the project you are thinking to make.

UV Resin differs to epoxy resin by being a one - part resin. It is ready to go, right out of the bottle. It comes in thick and thin types and will harden only with a UV light source. UV resin cures quickly, within less than 10 min and working time is indefinate until a UV lamp or LED is introduced.

UV resin is best suited for small jewellery projects & shallow moulds as thicker pieces can have hard time curing properly.


Epoxy resin requires the two parts to be mixed together before it can be used.

It will take at least 48 - 72 hours to completely cure and harden.

The hardness of cured epoxy resin is higher than that of UV resin.

Epoxy resin is great for coating larger works and casting deeper moulds.

The finish is clear and can be sanded and polished after curing completely.

Depending on the type of work / art / project you wish to undertake, UV resin and Epoxy resin will allow you to create beautiful and high quality finished works. 


UV Resin-Crystal

Create Jewellery, Pendants and other small craft.

A pourable, one-part UV resin that is definitely a must for arts and crafts and great for small businesses. You can use this to create unique resin pieces without compromising on quality or safety.

Made with high quality ingredients and a crystal clear formula, our UV resin - Crystal range is ideal for jewellery, pendants, doming your polymer clay and much more! 

Explore our UV resin range and learn about its' use, properties and which is right for you.


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